Reporter Herald Press Release - June 24, 2019
Dave Clark Announces His Candidacy for Mayor of Loveland

Dave Clark, Ward 4 City Councilor, announces he will run for Mayor of Loveland. Dave
has served on the Loveland City Council from 2004 to 2009 and again from 2012 to the
present. Prior to serving on City Council, he served 2 years on the City Planning
Commission. Throughout Dave’s 12 years of serving the community, his passion
continues to be creating an environment where businesses prosper. “Without a multi-
faceted thriving business community, it is almost impossible for citizens to enjoy the
quality of life that makes Loveland such a great place to work and live.”

“I am excited that Dave Clark is running for Mayor of Loveland. Dave is a long
time Loveland resident and a trusted representative on City Council. He is
informed, a critical thinker and a responsible leader. Dave is a thoughtful person
and expresses his opinions with a calm demeanor and is respectful and
considerate of the opinions of others. Dave has earned the respect of the
business community as he understands the importance of providing jobs for
people, making a payroll and paying taxes. I urge you to support Dave. He brings
the experience and proven leadership we deserve in our next Mayor of

Earl Sethre

Administrative Vice President

Jorgenson Laboratories

Loveland, CO

Dave currently serves on several boards & commissions. One of his areas of focus as a city councilor is transportation where he contributes as a member of numerous local and regional transportation groups. He is currently serving as the Vice Chair of the North Front Range Metropolitan Organization (MPO). “If people can freely move about in our community, they will place their businesses and live with their families in Loveland. Transportation is more than just roads. We need a comprehensive, strategic, and sustainable approach to provide for the transportation needs of all citizens and visitors to Loveland and the region.”

Dave’s focus on business is wide with emphasis placed on working with city staff to attract new primary employer businesses, to retain home grown businesses, as well as working to revitalize downtown Loveland by serving on the Loveland Downtown Partnership.  A strong believer in supporting all aspects of our business community is evidenced as Dave serves as the Council Liaison to Loveland’s Community Marketing Commission that focuses, along with the city’s Visit Loveland staff, on promoting Loveland as a tourism destination.

“Dave Clark has been a strong voice for economic vitality in Loveland over many, many years. His wealth of experience has resulted in sensible, responsible development and growth for our city. Many projects such as the Foundry have their roots in his care and attention to “what’s best for Loveland.” Dave will continue to bring positive and constructive leadership to Loveland as Mayor and help our city thrive in the years ahead.”

Mindy McCloughan

President and CEO

Loveland Chamber of Commerce

Dave has lived in Loveland for over 55 years. He graduated from Loveland High School in 1974. He earned his BS degree in Civil Engineering and returned to Loveland after graduating to take a leadership role in the family business. In 2010 Dave took on ownership and became the Executive Producer of the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. Dave is married to his lovely wife Paula and over the past 39 years they have raised a family of 6 children and 6 grandchildren.

“Dave Clark is the heart of Loveland. For generations he and his family have been an integral part of building our schools and businesses and in so doing invested in our future. I was privileged to serve on Council with Dave and was able to watch how he thought about issues and served our community. There is no one more qualified to lead our city into the future than Dave Clark. It is my honor to endorse Dave Clark for Mayor of Loveland.”

Representative Hugh McKean

As Mayor, Dave will work diligently with all Council members to build trust and respect among the council, city staff, the citizens of Loveland and the surrounding communities.